The Serengeti Plains which the country shares with Tanzania, are among the most popular tourist attractions in Kenya. And there are many reasons why.

The one thing about the Serengeti is that the ecosystem has not at all changed, and one would not be exaggerating when saying that it has not changed at any time in one million years.

With this said, this ecosystem is the oldest on Earth.

Features like fauna, climate, and the vegetation have not in any form or way changed or even show any changing.

What make up the Serengeti region are the Ngorongoro-Conservation Area, Serengeti-National Park, Ikorongo-Controlled Areas, Maswa-Game Reserve, the Grumeti, the Masai-Mara Reserve and the Loliondo in Kenya.

What makes the Serengeti Plains famous is the migration of the wildebeests. Millions of zebras and wildebeests move from the south all the way to the northern hills and then all the way back south.

This remains a mystery, because these animals have moved this way for centuries. Crocodiles and lions cannot stop this cycle, no matter what.

When you visit one of the reserve parks and any of the protected areas you will be able to see wildebeests make their way through these areas.

It is up to you to go the extra-mile and explore all the forms of landscapes and vegetation of this very fascinating Serengeti ecosystem. This is the place to go if you are looking for interesting inhabitants. Don’t miss it when you are on safari in Kenya!

The Serengeti Kopjes

You will probably know these as fire barriers. By whatever name it goes, the Kopjes is the protector of the Serengeti and does prevent grass fires. Kopjes also try to provide water in holes and the ground around them and in caves for hunters and animals.

The types of animals that you will find in the Kopjes are various insects, lizards, shrews, mice and snakes.

Bigger animals include cheetahs and lions. This is the place where hundreds of plant species can be found and not anywhere else in the Serengeti lands.

The Serengeti Animals

The Serengeti Plains own the Big Five. This is where you will be able to find the Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, Elephants and Buffaloes.

These animals were grouped under this title simply because they are the most dangerous and fiercest animals walking the face of the earth. These animals deserve to be feared because they even go all out and make their hunters their prey. What these perfect animals do is they hide in the tall grass and attack hunters without giving them time to react. That was how things worked a century ago.

Today, hunters use magnified lenses so they can keep their distance from these animals. The other interesting thing about these animals is that they walk through camps while you are asleep. This is where it all happens, the Serengeti.

Opportunities like these are something that you do not want to let slip.

See the world the way Mother Nature intended it to be: nothing spoilt and everything perfect.

Even if you decide to go for a weekend, see what the Serengeti offers. You will definitely be coming back to see it all again, because there is always something new happening in the most wonderful place on Earth.