Visa Information:

Visas are not included in the tour price or recommended daily spending money. Please note that it is the clients responsibility to ensure that you have all the correct visas for the tour.

Visa requirements do change at times so we advise you to check the current requirements before the commencement of your tour.  For current updates on visa information you can try the website do not accept responsibility for changes in regulations or requirements for visas. The information provided is given in good faith.

Most visas are obtained as our vehicles cross the borders (excluding Rwanda). Please ensure you have US Dollars CASH post 2000 notes to pay for your visas on the borders.

Please note the following are approximate prices and can vary, however this should help you with your budgeting.

For the majority of nationalities Kenyan Visa US$50, Tanzanian Visa US$50, Ugandan Visa US$50, Rwandan Visa US$60. Please check for your individual nationalities as some countries are charged more or less.

From 2010 Rwanda visas need to be applied for online in advance of arrival, but paid for on arrival. Please contact us for assistance.

From 2014 an East African visa is available for $100 allowing entry in to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda for a single payment of $100. tanzania at their point still needs a separate visa for entry.


Please note that if we are trekking gorillas in Rwanda you will need to budget $100 for a East African visa.  If tracking in Uganda just a single $50 entry visa will apply. We will do our utmost to confirm trekking spaces in Uganda but on occasion due to extremely limited spaces the gorilla trek may be in Rwanda.