Kenya Animals: See Them on Safari
Pride of Lions in Masai Mara Kenya

Kenya is unrivaled in its incredible wildlife. There are hundreds of Kenya animals to catch a glimpse of, from the zebra to the rhino, although some are much more common than others.

On a Kenyan safari the sighting of no animal is guaranteed, but if you are traveling with an expert safari guide you might be in luck to spot something a little more special than a zebra.


Lions are the largest big cat found in Africa. Very popular with safaris, the great predators generally live in prides of up to 3 males and a dozen females.

Most active at dawn and dusk, lions can often be found resting in the shade during the day. However, sightings are still considered rare and it is a special thing to see a pride of lions on safari.

Cheetahs and Leopards

The two other big cats found in Kenya are cheetahs and leopards. Both solitary, and hard to spot while on safari, these predators are again likely to be spotted near trees, resting in the shade.

Leopards are the only big cat to take their kill up into a tree to eat and are often left bait near lodges so that tourists can catch a glimpse of the magnificent creature.

While perhaps not as exciting as the big cats, there are often opportunities to see wildebeest, gazelle, kudu and buffalo.


Buffalo are in fact very aggressive and should be avoided by tourists walking on foot. Even in a vehicle it is inadvisable to get too close, especially when buffalo calves are in the herd.

Buffalo kill more people each year than lions; don’t let their docile appearance fool you!

Giraffes and Elephants

Other Kenya animals that are favorites with tourists are giraffes and elephants. The National Park at Amboseli is home to herds of both animal and is one of the best places for sightings.

It is possible to get quite close to the animals in some situations, a truly incredible experience as both giraffes and elephants are huge!

The African Elephant is the largest mammal that lives on the land. Although they can cause trouble when they wander into human colonies or cultivated land, elephants are generally peaceful animals.

Giraffes are the tallest animal on Earth and are quite a sight in the flesh, reaching up to 5.5m high when fully grown.


The two species of rhino found in Kenya are also two of the rarest wildlife sightings while on safari. The black rhino is especially rare, so if you spot one you’re very lucky indeed!

They might look formidable with their two horns, but rhinos are vegetarian and live alone or in pairs. The chances of you coming into contact with them are rare enough, let alone being chased.

Other wildlife found in Kenya includes the hippopotamus, warthogs, crocodiles, baboons, vervets and many different specifies of birds.

Remember that even the best safari guide can’t guarantee you will see any of these Kenya animals.

However, this should mean that you make the most of every second you are experiencing Kenya, it’s culture and wildlife. As if you need any encouragement!

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