10 Kilimanjaro Successful Climbing Tips

The Kilimanjaro National Park annual reports show that only 41% of climbers successfully reach to Uhuru peak annually. This means that more than 59% fail to reach the summit for various reasons. This is caused mainly by the drastically reduced levels of oxygen following the extremely increase in altitude. More than 85% of climbers will experience at least some form of mild altitude sickness.
The tips intended to provide you with a glue of what needed to be done before starting climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain “The Mountain of Greatness”. Abiding to these tips will give you >>90% chances of climbing to Uhuru Peak (the top of Africa) successfully.

Tip #1: Decide to climb Kilimanjaro and get prepared mentally

Tip #2:  Choose the right climbing guide and route

Tip #3: Do enough acclimatization as much as possible

Tip #4: Put on the relevant climbing gears

Tip #5: Park as lighter as possible without leaving behind the important items

Tip #6: Take Diomox tablets with you in-case you get altitude sickness

Tip #7: Keep hydrated always especially as you go up the mountain

Tip #8: Don’t rash, walk slowly and steady. This is the key to successful climb to the top

Tip #9: Avoid the sun as much as possible

Tip #10: Enjoy and Experience the climb, make fun, exchange jokes as this will stimulate more energy to carry on

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